Derby match day recommendations

New moves are being recommended to improve the stadium entry process for  away fans attending derby matches in the future.

They follow complaints made by several Everton supporters about access outside the turnstiles on Anfield Road and the delays experienced in getting into the ground at the derby match in January.

A special meeting of the Ground Safety Advisory group was held to look at the issues arising. 

The Group is now calling for improvements by all parties around engagement and communications with fans, a review of the queuing arrangements for away fans at the ground and is also calling for derby matches to be scheduled at times which consider supporters’ travel plans and, where applicable, weekday commitments.

The recommendations will be considered by the Licensing Committee at its meeting on 17 July.

Councillor Ann O’Byrne, chair of the group, said: “We held a special meeting to consider the allegations made by supporters and to bring together all parties so that we could understand what went on and learn lessons to improve, if necessary, the experience of supporters visiting Anfield. 

“The Ground Safety Advisory Group brought together all parties involved in the planning, preparation and attendance of the fixture to review the both the pre-planning and operational decisions made on the night of the match.

“But we also involved a number of fans’ groups which has led to a better understanding of the role of all parties in ensuring the safety of supporters.  One of the key points which has emerged is that there needs to be better engagement with supporters’ groups – and I would like to thank them for the very constructive suggestions they have made.

“We have carried out an extensive review of the submissions presented to us and have drawn together a set of recommendation, endorsed by all the partners, which we believe address the issues raised. They will provide a framework for everyone to work together to improve the experience of supporters at future derby games at Anfield. ”

Among the recommendations of the Ground Safety Advisory Group are;
•     Both football clubs and Merseyside Police be asked to review the communication methods and messages to ensure key information on crowd management plans and stewarding/ policing are clear for all supporters attending the fixture.

•     Merseyside Police and Liverpool Football club be requested to review the existing queuing arrangements for away supporters on Anfield Road to prevent congestion, maintain public order and safety for spectators. This is particularly important when undertaking searches of supporters to prevent congestion directly outside turnstiles and consideration should be given to performing searches before supporters reach the turnstiles.

•     Liverpool FC be requested to review opportunities to improve access along Anfield Road .

•     Merseyside Police and the clubs be requested to work with the UK football authorities to try to ensure future fixtures are scheduled at times that give full consideration to supporters’ travel plans and, where applicable, weekday commitments.

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