Mayor supports decision to not compromise safety at football stadia

The ticket allocation for Everton supporters attending the derby match at Anfield has been reduced from previous years, due to safety concerns.

It follows a report by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority – the national regulatory body for sports stadia – in relation to safety of fans across all premier league games where there is gangway congestion.

The report made a number of recommendations for improving safety during high profile games where there is high demand for tickets, such as the derby matches and the game against Manchester United.

The local Ground Safety Advisory Group met last year to discuss the issue. This multi-agency group which consists of the police and other emergency and support services, Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs and the city council is the body responsible for ensuring safety at the city’s two Premier League football grounds.

The Licensing Committee agreed to reduce the allocation at specific high-profile games based on the safety concerns highlighted by the multi-agency group and these safety precautions were implemented at the last derby fixture held at Goodison in November.

This means that for the derby at Anfield on 28 January, the back two rows of the Anfield Road stand will not be used. Both rows have severely restricted views and in the past this has led to supporters standing in the gangways, resulting in a risk to safety.

The allocation for the Everton fans at the Derby will now be 2,687, compared with 2,864 in previous years.

Mayor Anderson said: “We treat any issues of safety highlighted by the professional agencies with the utmost importance.

“The safety of fans is paramount and there can’t be any compromise whatever the circumstances. I fully support the decision that has been taken to reduce the allocation, to ensure there is no danger or risk to those attending football matches in the city.”

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