Don’t let floods wash away your business

Liverpool businesses are being advised to make sure that their premises are protected from flooding this winter.

This week is National Business Flood Week and local firms are being warned about the devastating effect flooding on have on their business.

They are being advised of the simple but effective actions they can take such as:

• Ensuring they have sufficient insurance cover
• Having access to sand bags
• Not storing valuable stock in basement areas if there is an alternative
• Knowing how to turn off gas and electricity supplies
• Having a list of useful contacts handy for example friends that can help move stock upstairs if necessary

Shops and other business in the Allerton Road area have been working with the city council’s emergency resilience unit to make sure they are prepared for floods in the coming months.

They have been issued with flood sacks which contain gel so that they expand in contact with water and form a barrier

Councillor Nick Small, cabinet member for employment, enterprise and skills, said: “Flooding causes business owners major disruption or even their livelihoods so it is vital that they have plans in place to deal with this – and that is especially true for small businesses.

“Floods can happen not just because of torrential rain but because of a simple pipe burst – which are more prevalent in the winter months.

“Just by taking small simple steps to prepare for floods will give businesses a much better chance of surviving and recovering. And it is not just from a financial point of view this is important, it is also important from an emotional standpoint.

“Those firms which have not put preparations in place should take a lead from the businesses in Allerton Road and take simple precautions against flooding.

“As well as preparing for flooding it is important businesses are ready for emergencies of all types and are able to bounce back from setbacks such as power loss and local incidents that have an impact on your trade like disruptions due to roadworks.

“They can obtain information from the City Councils @building Business resilience booklet which available on line.”

Pictured: Councillor Nick Small and Tim Moore with business owners in Allertion Road  receiving flood protection equipment.

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