Car accident crash flipped upside down, road closed by police

Driving road safety change together

This Friday (25 August) partners from Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council will be hosting a post collision response demonstration whereby emergency services will attend a dummy collision and highlight the work that goes into saving a life.

The event will be hosted by Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service between 11:00 – 12:00 Friday 25th August 2023 at Williamson Square, Liverpool.

It forms part of the Liverpool City Region Road Safety Strategy, the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership have dedicated resources, time and work to maintain effective post collision response. The event on Friday is a public demonstration on how partners manage serious Road Traffic Collisions and prioritise saving life post collision.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Connectivity, Councillor Dan Barrington, said: “Road safety – whether you’re behind the wheel or a pedestrian – is paramount, and we’re proud to work in partnership on this event which highlights the importance of responsibility when it comes to being on our roads.

“It is also a key event to raise awareness and applaud the collaborative, life-saving efforts which take place after a collision – which so many of us take for granted.

“Working together, we can make our roads as safe as possible, driving change together.”

The input isn’t only driver based but is aimed at all road users, we utilise vehicles for the event itself however in the real world road traffic collisions can be anywhere, at any time, involving anyone. We ensure the input is inclusive and informative, we will be engaging with people before, during and following the event, come and speak to us, we may have some great advice for you depending on how you use the road.

Sergeant Garreth Berry from Merseyside Police Said: “The event demonstrating post collision response comes during our annual summer drink and drug drive campaign; Operation Limit. We see numerous arrests for drink and drug driving every year and as one of the fatal four contributing factors we want to highlight the dangers and risks associated with drink and drug driving. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol before driving is reckless and far too often ends in collisions like the one you will see at Fridays event.

“As per the LCR Road Safety Strategy, road safety is everyone’s responsibility, make the right choice, don’t drink and drive, don’t drug drive.”

The fatal four are driving offences that contribute to serious injuries or fatalities in road traffic collisions, they consist of: excessive speed, mobile phone use, failing to wear a seatbelt and alcohol and drugs use. Police forces across the country work to tackle the fatal four in the pursuit of Vision Zero.

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