Drumming up support

More than 50 samba drummers are taking part in a fundraising event for those affected by the Gaza crisis this weekend in Liverpool.

Liverpool Batala are taking to the streets to drum up much needed support by playing their samba reggae tunes in Liverpool City Centre on Sunday 17th August. 

Band leader Ritchie Tunstall said ‘No matter where you stand on your views, politically or otherwise, nothing should override basic humanity. It’s easy to get distracted by the rights and wrongs or the arguments over who started what, but what we are all very good at in Batala is supporting and helping those that need it. There are currently thousands of people who have been affected, no matter where they live. They are people just like us, with families, stories, hopes and dreams. And they need help.

‘Previously we have fundraised for DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) with the Haiti and Philippines crisis.  They have a number of organisations under its umbrella- including the Red Cross, Save the Children, Oxfam- and send the money to where it is needed. At the moment, DEC and its 13 aid UK charities have declared ” the escalation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused the humanitarian situation in Gaza to reach crisis point.  

‘We feel aligning ourselves with such a view and acting on it to bang our drum and help those in extreme need is the least we can do’

The band will be taking it turns between the drums and the buckets and are confident that the people of Liverpool will dig deep and be generous.

The band will be drumming between 12 and 4 around the Church Street and Williamson Square areas.


Liverpool Waterfront