Echoes of the First World War

Liverpool’s St George’s Hall is set to present a week-long series of tours giving visitors a powerful and emotional flashback experience of The Great War.

From Mon 10th to Sun 16th March local historian Frank Carlyle will guide visitors through the depths of the Hall telling Liverpool stories of the First World War.

From the triumphant passionate start to the realities of war, blasting away romantic notions as the horrors of modern conflict came to the forefront. The historical talks will be interlinked with promenade performance by some of Liverpool’s best-loved actors.

Sound effects, special lighting, projections and poetry along with 6 actors and special guests in period costume will create a unique interactive experience throughout the Hall, taking in the court room, basement galleries and catacombs of St George’s Hall. Echoes of the First World War is part of the Hall’s own programme of events which take place throughout this centenary anniversary year of the start of the Great War in 1914.

Liverpool historian Frank Carlyle announced, “Being a historian and a specialist of WW1, I’ve been asked to present a different slant about Merseyside soldiers and the impact the War had upon them. Besides narration, I will cover some of the famous WW1 soldier poets and their poetry. The event will have local actors who will depict the tragic scenes in costumes and special effects will provide the audience with a dramatic and realistic insight. There’s no better venue than St. George’s Hall to have this spectacular event commemorating WW1, especially with the Cenotaph being on the Plateau.”

As well as Frank, the tours are put together in partnership with Liverpool actor Jake Abraham and the team at St George’s Hall.

Alan Smith, St George’s Hall Manager said, “Echoes of the First World War brings together a unique presentation of the soldier’s journey, from the patriotic fervour of enlisting, to the heart-wrenching wretchedness of the reality of war. Local stars and actors perform a dramatic interpretation of the soldier’s experience against the dramatic backdrop of the crown court and the catacombs. Interwoven in the tours will be timeless and haunting war poetry and all laid before you in the most dramatic of settings.”

Reality of trench modern warfare meant the cost of thousands of lives lost on a daily basis. To politicians and generals, ordinary soldiers became expendable, modern weapons included planes, bombings, shelling, U-boats, huge guns, machine gun posts, mines, tanks, hand grenades and gas.

Promenade performance will explore the lives of some of the soldiers and heroic winners of the Victoria Cross – William Ratcliffe, John Davies and Noel Chavasse and how these men, under extreme adverse war conditions, won the highest military honour bestowed upon them. It will also look at how in the trenches soldiers had to endure rats, lice, cockroaches, trench foot as well as enduring the elements.

Liverpool Actor Jake Abraham said, “I am delighted to be working with some of my favourite local actors in such a great venue as St George’s Hall. These actors all have an emotional connection and appreciation of what these soldiers went through., I am really looking forward to directing this unique event and who knows I may even pop in as a guest myself.”

The world famous war poetry of Wilfred Owen; Siegfried Sassoon; Ewart Alan Mackintosh and Rupert Brooke, will also form part of the tour.

The tour will end with Rudyard Kipling’s two line Poem ‘Common Form’ with the sounding of the Last Post.

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Mon 10th – Sun 16th March 2014
Time: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
(Approximately 45mins in duration)
Tickets: £15.00 (Inc booking fee)
Groups: 1 in 10 Goes Free
(Capacity 40 people per tour)
Purchase in person at TicketQuarter, Queen Square, Liverpool, online at or on 0844 800 0410.

Tickets are on sale from Thu 30th January at 10am.


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