Election countdown starts

The countdown has begun to European parliamentary and local elections on Thursday 22 May.

More than five million people across North West England will have the opportunity to vote in European elections to select the region’s eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

At the same time, electors in Liverpool will be voting in the elections to the city council.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday 22 May for both elections. The local election results count and declaration will take place on 23 May and the North West European elections count and declaration on Sunday 25 May, as polls close across Europe.

People will not be able to vote in either election unless they have ensured they are on the electoral register by Tuesday 6 May.

Anyone who is on the electoral register can choose to register to vote by post. Applications for a postal vote in the forthcoming elections must also be received by 5pm on Wednesday 7 May.

Poll cards for those who are already on the electoral register will begin to be delivered from Monday 14 April, so people who are registered should look out for theirs in the post.

Anyone who is not registered can visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk to download a registration form. Alternatively, or if they need to update their details (for example if they have changed address or changed surname through marriage since registering) or check whether they are on the register, they should email elections@liverpool.gov.uk or call 0151 233 3028 . Registration is a quick and easy process.

A full list of candidates for the European Parliamentary Elections will be published at 5pm on Thursday 24 April. A full list of candidates for the local elections will be published on the same date.

Ged Fitzgerald, Liverpool’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “If you do not register to vote you miss out on the opportunity to have your voice heard. It is a very simple process and I would urge those residents who have not registered to do so as soon as possible.”

Sir Howard Bernstein, Regional Returning Officer for the European Parliamentary Elections in the North West, said: “This election gives people the chance to elect the politicians who will represent them in Europe.  It is essential to make sure that nobody loses out on their right to vote because they are not registered.”


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