European Day of Artistic Creativity

CreART (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation) is an exciting European Network made up of cities and cultural organisations and aims to highlight the importance of visual arts across Europe and in local communities.

Wednesday (21 March) marks European Day of Artistic Creativity, and to celebrate, several Liverpool arts organisations are getting involved.


Bluecoat Display Centre (BDC) will deliver a unique free artist event to coincide with the European Day of Artistic Creativity on 21st March, with early career ceramicist Adam Buick linked to our Equinox exhibition curated by one of our supporting gallery staff; Megan Hartley-Roberts.

Adam Buick is a Pembrokeshire based ceramicist and conceptual artist who also works with photography and film. Before his training in ceramics, he studied archaeology and anthropology. His aim is to incorporate elements from the landscape into his works. Adam makes white porcelain Moon Jars, which are an ancient Korean form originally made from plain white porcelain. Adam was so inspired by this pure form that he now uses it as the composition for his work. He incorporates stone and locally dug clay into his work to create a narrative, one that conveys a unique sense of place.

Event Schedule

1.45pm: Arrive for the event at the Bluecoat Performance Space

2pm: Welcome & introductions by Samantha Rhodes, Director Bluecoat Display Centre

2.15 – 3.15pm: Adam will demonstrate various aspects of his throwing and coiling techniques

During Adam’s demonstration Megan will encourage a conversation around the act of Adam’s making and questions will be invited from the audience.

3.30pm: There will be the opportunity to watch some of the films Adam has made

Adam’s film projects include ‘Earth to Earth‘. In this piece a raw, unfired Jar, made from a blend of local clays was placed at the top of Carn Treliwyd to weather away. There are cycles within nature some quick, others slow and this artwork illustrates one cycle as a metaphor for all. Made from the earth, the wind and rain will return it back to the earth.

4.30pm: Adam will return to the BDC for refreshments and to give the audience the opportunity to see and discuss informally his work in the Equinox exhibition


Edge Hill Station Garden launch

For European Day of Artistic Creativity, Metal will be formally re-opening the Edge Hill Station Garden for the growing season with the launch of a new artwork by network engineer Dave Evans. Following a three month residency in the garden, Dave will be unveiling an organic wi-fi mast with the capability of emitting an open access network accessible to garden users and commuters.

Developed in collaboration with rail users and garden volunteers, this online space will aim to provide an alternative experience to people looking at their phones during the boring commute, who otherwise would not think of gardening or communicating with each other. It will bring attention to the hidden parts of the internet, the radio waves, the rhythms and the physical, real world objects the internet needs to function.

Join Metal from 5pm – 7pm on 21 March for an evening of food, music and the ceremonial unveiling of the totemic wi-fi mast.


St Luke’s Church

Art and creativity have always been the core ethos of the Bombed Out Church. When they say on their logo; “keeping it open for everyone“, they mean for the whole community to have access to create and enjoy; theatre, film, art, photography, music no matter what their background art status may be.

On 21st March, people can perform and create art themselves and have it exhibited at the Bombed Out Church.

For this year’s European Day of Artistic Creativity they will present a multi-media event that includes painting, photography, poetry and performance. The exhibition will be projected onto a screen within the bell tower of the Bombed Out Church all day from 10am until 6pm.

In the early evening of the 21st there will be a screening of the the videos made by the public during CreArt Week, followed by a screening of the classic film ‘Never on a Sunday‘, starring the genius and driving force behind the concept of European Capital of Culture, the late, Melina Mercuri.


Liverpool Waterfront