United by Music

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is United by Music

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By Martin Green CBE, Managing Director, BBC Eurovision 2023

The countdown is on and excitement is building.  

Right now, the whole Eurovision team across the BBC, along with our Ukrainian counterparts, Liverpool and all our other amazing partners are working together to deliver an unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest for 2023.

Martin Green
Martin Green

The TV shows will be truly special, and it is an honour and a privilege to hold them here in the UK on behalf of our colleagues in Ukraine. We will showcase Ukrainian culture while celebrating the best of British music and creativity and of course Liverpool!. It’s going to be spectacular – we believe it is after all, the greatest show on earth.

One of the most highly anticipated aspect of any Eurovision Song Contest is its visual identity. This sets the tone of the whole Contest and demonstrates the ambition of how it will play out on screens. Each year brings a fresh look and feel, with a unique slogan. It’s one of the first big steps in bringing Eurovision to life.

As a lifelong fan, I always find this ‘reveal’ to be a special moment in the Eurovision calendar. So, I am very proud and excited to announce our slogan for this year’s Contest is United by Music.

Music is such a fundamental part of our global commonality. Music unites us. It moves us, it lifts us up, it connects us. It’s a language we all speak. Eurovision is watched by 160 million people across the world. It is the ultimate celebration of music’s power.

The BBC has a very strong history of celebrating the power of music at unmissable and iconic moments. It’s a milestone in British broadcasting and one we are united to deliver with Ukraine.

And, in Liverpool, a city famed for its spirit and musicality, it’s an opportunity to bring the world together.

The new brand is a collaboration between creative agencies Superunion in the UK, and Starlight Creative in Ukraine. Working together, they have developed a visual identity that really celebrates this shared moment and represents music as a force for bringing people together. 160 million hearts beating as one.  I think it’s very much reflective of the feelings that Eurovision brings to audiences across the world – joy, excitement and fun.

And, in Liverpool, a city famed for its spirit and musicality, it’s an opportunity to bring the world together.

The typeface we’ve used is called ‘Penny Lane’, inspired by the twentieth-century cast-iron signs displaying Liverpool street names and a nod to the city’s rich musical heritage. And of course, the colours blue and yellow feature throughout accompanied by an excitable magenta.

You’ll see this rolled out across all of our Eurovision output and if you’re in Liverpool, expect to see it across the city too. It’s a vibrant brand that with a distinct Eurovision vibe – optimistic, celebratory, connective. It honours and celebrates Ukraine, and communicates what is unique about this year’s Contest.

Here. We. Go!!!

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