Fall in crime rate welcomed

Newly-released figures which show that recorded crime in Norris Green fell last year have been welcomed by local community leaders.

There has been a 3.26% drop in the overall crime rate in the last year.

The partnership work between the police, council, housing providers, community agencies  and local residents is being seen as instrumental in  cutting crime and improving relationships between the police and the community.

A successful project brought awareness of how young people’s aspirations were struggling to emerge, just because they live in an area with an undeserved poor reputation to the attention of local councillors, senior police officers and community organisations .

A community messaging service for local people to receive information on crime and community activities in the area has been introduced and the  resilient communities project is recruiting local residents as volunteers to lead and develop youth and community activities across the area.

There has been over £10m additional investment in housing, local shops and sports facilities. The Council has invested in a skate park and  children’s play areas which has transformed them  into safe recreational and community spaces. And there is a programme of large community events through the year bringing the community together  including summer carnivals, community bonfire, a Christmas market, youth clubs and summer schemes.

Detective Chief Superintendent  Paul Richardson: “As a senior police officer and a general member of the public I am immensely satisfied with the outcomes that have been achieved through a lot of hard work by a lot of people, including the local community, in Norris Green. 

“Back in 2012 the quality of life for the majority of residents was being spoiled by a small minority of youths who, through their actions and behaviour, were causing such fear that people were not able to enjoy the normal day to day elements that are so necessary to build and enhance community cohesiveness.

” In a concerted effort between Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council, much credit must go to the Community Safety Partnership and we are now seeing encouraging signs through the reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour. 

“More importantly there is now evidence of extensive use of the public spaces such as Scargreen Park and comments from members of the community that they can barely remember the park being used in this way.  These are genuinely heart-warming results that provide the impetus, if any were needed, for us all to continue to work together to build and enhance this strong community to such an extent that we never again experience the horrors of the violence that was so evident previously.” 
Stephen Twigg MP said: “I welcome these figures and congratulate the community, police and local councillors in Norris Green for working together to bring about positive outcomes.”
Local councillor Barry Kushner said: “These figures  are a reflection of the huge work put in by the partnership working of all agencies including the police, which has seen investment in houses, shops and recreation facilities. We have seen the parks that local residents were wary of using in 2010, turned into popular public spaces with play areas, a new skateboard park and picnic tables. There is a multi-million pound investment in new houses and shops, and youth provision is co-ordinated across the area. ”
Councillor Alan Walker said: “It’s great to see Norris Green bucking the trend with a fall in crime reflecting the tremendous work being done by the Police, Cobalt  and youth service providers in particular, making our  community a safer and  more popular place to live”.

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