Festival brings summer colour

The first Polish Midsummer Festival celebrated in Liverpool was held recently, bringing together the Polish and local community.

The festival saw Liverpool ONE  filled with Polish singing and music, colourful flower garlands and traditional folk costumes.

The initiative to organise the Festival came from Merseyside Polonia, a charitable organisation that started in 2008.

Merseyside Polonia director, Gosia McKane said: “Liverpool is a very vibrant and multicultural city because of the diverse communities that settled here. With Merseyside Polonia bringing a bit of Polish culture to Liverpool. We enjoy going to events such as Chinese New Year or Africa Oye and we hope that our Polish Midsummer Festival will develop to a similar scale, when the whole of the city joins with us in celebration.”

Donna Howitt, Marketing Director at Liverpool ONE said: “We’re always working to ensure no two visits to Liverpool ONE are the same, so we were delighted to welcome the Polish Midsummer Festival to Chavasse Park. It was a fantastic day, which offered something for everyone, from singing and music to cultural workshops. We’d like to thank Merseyside Polonia again for bringing this special event to Liverpool ONE”.

Merseyside Polonia delivered the Festival in partnership with other Polish organisations such as Polish Saturday School and South Liverpool Polish Association whicPolish Festival 1h helped with making beautiful flower garlands. 

Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Steve Munby said: “Merseyside Polonia are proving to be one of Liverpool’s biggest community success stories.  They are connecting with people across the city and doing a fantastic job of bringing together people from many different backgrounds. What’s more they deliver so many wonderful events year after year.

“Their Midsummer Festival is no exception, bringing the city to life with music, colour and dance. This event – and the many other events delivered by Polonia –from Christmas and Easter celebrations to poetry festivals – are made possible by the work of dedicated volunteers whose hard work, enthusiasm and passion helps create unforgettable occasions for the whole city to enjoy.

“As Merseyside Polonia continues to go from strength to strength as an organisation, I congratulate them on the success of the First Polish Midsummer Festival and look forward to other cultural treats, continuing to grow.”
For anybody interested in Merseyside Polonia events please see the website: www.merseysidepolonia.com

Individuals and organisations interested in being part of next year’s Polish Midsummer Festival please contact: mailto: festival@merseysidepolonia.com



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