First 11 tackle flood risk

A team of residents has been formed to monitor the risk of flooding in a Liverpool estate.

The 11 volunteers from the Woodlands Estate in Belle Vale will be flood wardens for the estate – the first such team of its type in the city

Under the Government’s flood resilience community pathfinder scheme, £300,000 has been made available to introduce protection measures for vulnerable houses on the estate and set up the warden scheme. This follows intermittent flooding from the Netherley Brook

The City Council has worked with the Woodlands Residents Association, with support from local MP and Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle on this issue. Flood protection works, including new flood doors, patios, flood air bricks, non-return valves and re-pointing, are to be installed on more than 30 properties that lie along the brook.

The new flood group has received advice from the Nation Flood Forum, the charity which provides support to victims of flooding, and the Environment Agency.

They will monitor the estate and report blocked gullies and any significant obstructions of the watercourse. They will also receive flood alerts and, using local knowledge, will make plans around preparations for defending properties against potential flooding. Raising awareness around flooding issues on the estate will be a priority with special attention given to more vulnerable neighbours.

The group will also operate a local resilience hub which contains flood sacks, high visibility jackets and other resilience equipment such as snow shovels and grit.

Ernie Hughes the flood group chair said ‘”The flood group will take proactive actions and report local issues but more importantly in the likelihood of a flooding incident we will ensure that the less able are looked after and properties are defended as well as they can and common sense advice is given.

“Advice we will give includes take any valuables upstairs including pets and family possessions, assemble important items that you will need if you are evacuated such as medicine and contact numbers.

Jim Wilson Chair of the Residents Association added “If you are at risk you need to have adequate insurance and if at all possible take photographs before and after. If there is sufficient time before an anticipated flood you can take simple actions to protect some of your assets like removing cars to higher ground. The bottom line is that you need to be aware and then prepare.”

Local Councillor Clare Glare, said; “It is very encouraging that local residents have come forward to ensure their neighbourhood is protected. Flooding has been an issue on this estate for some time and we have been working with a number of partners as well as the residents association to reduce the risks and this new group will be an important element in that.”

More information about the National Flood Forum is available at

Pictured; Sarah Parkington, from the National Flood Forum and John Kinsella from the Environment Agency address membets of the new flood warden team.





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