Pictured are Wes Hartless (LCC), Joe Feeley (Plus Dane), Steve McNicholas (Plus Dane), Mayor Joe Anderson, Cllr Steve Munby (cabinet member for neighbourhoods) and Liam Ireland (Glendale Liverpool)

First allotment plots built in Liverpool since World War Two

Construction of the first allotment site in Liverpool for more than half a century is underway as part of a regeneration project at Park Hill in Dingle.

Over half of the first 6 allotment plots have now been completed by Glendale Liverpool, a joint venture between Glendale, the UK’s leading specialist green service provider, and Liverpool City Council.

A further 12 plots are being created by INES (Plus Dane) and Jigsaw (LHT), with free labour being provided by all of the firms.

The work got off to a flying start when 10 apprentices from Glendale Liverpool planted 21 new trees and 650 hedge plants at the site on 11th March.

Peter Cosgrove, general manager of Glendale Liverpool, said: ‘The development of the Park Hill allotment site is an important step in revitalising Liverpool’s green spaces and I’m pleased our young apprentices are directly involved with the project.’

The first phase of the development will see 18 plots built in total, set to increase to 34 over the next 12 months. The land has the potential for 60 half plots, meaning many residents will be able to apply for a space to grow their own greenery.

Mayor Joe Anderson has recently visited the site to show his support of the project and view the progress being made.

Jean Smith, a Dingle resident who has applied for a plot, spoke of her support for the development: ‘Very few people in this area have a garden. It’ll be really nice to have somewhere green that we can call our own. It will be lovely to do some gardening and then sit out in the sunshine.’

The allotment site will provide the local community with quality green space, not only for those growing there but also through its community hub. In addition, the site will offer storage space and car parking.

Councillor Steve Munby, Liverpool city council cabinet member for neighbourhoods, says: “The new allotments will be a great asset to the local community, and are being warmly welcomed. It is great to see organisations working together to create a new facility. We are also in discussions about creating additional plots on the site because we have a waiting list of people.”

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