Fitting new home for rescued flag

A Red Ensign flag that had been left to rot for several years has been rescued and will be given a new home thanks to a merchant navy veteran.

The Flag, which is flown by the Royal Navy and specifically by British Merchant Seamen, was spotted by Peter Sumner, wrapped around a pole on the former White Star Line Offices, home to the owners of Titanic.

On Wednesday 25 September, Mr Sumner will be presented with the flag at Liverpool Town Hall.

The Lord Mayor, said: “The dedication and commitment shown by Mr Sumner is testament to the wonderful spirit of our veterans.

“As soon as he noticed the dirty and unkempt flag, Mr Sumner made it his mission to rescue it.

“I would like to thank Mason Owen and Merseyside Fire and Rescue for their co-operation and help in retrieving the flag in order to house it somewhere more fitting.”

“It is important that we all recognise and respect the hard work and conviction of all those that the Red Ensign represents.”

The flag will be presented to Mr Sumner by the Lord Mayor; it will take pride of place in a glass cabinet at Mariners Park in Wallasey, a retirement home for seafarers.


Liverpool Waterfront