Fly-tipped site to be cleared

Liverpool City Council is to start removing thousands of tonnes of waste illegally dumped on a site in Everton.

The fly-tipping, at a disused industrial site in Birkett Street, has caused considerable distress to residents because of odours and an infestation of flies.

A notice was served on the site’s owners on 16 June requiring them to have the site cleared within 28 days but because of the continuing nuisance the council is stepping in to remove the waste.

Contractors will disinfect the site as well as removing the waste. Work is expected to take up to four days because of the huge quantity of material fly-tipped.

Councillor Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “We cannot allow this situation to continue – it is intolerable for residents.

“We served a notice on the site owners to have the waste removed but legally we have to give them a reasonable amount of time for them to act. They have tried some remedial measures and it has to be recognised that they are also victims in this situation.

“The people entirely responsible for causing these problems for the residents and the site owners are those who dumped the waste there.

“While the contractors will work as quickly as possible it will take some time to get rid of thousands of tonnes of material – and unfortunately the flies won’t disappear overnight but the action we have taken will, hopefully, resolve this problem.”

People can avoid attracting flies to their own property by ensuring their rubbish is properly covered in wheelie bins and kitchen bins. Food should not be left uncovered. Food preparation surfaces should be kept clean and hands washed before and after using the toilet and preparing food.

Additionally environmental health advise that if flies are present in the house, these can be controlled with the use of flypapers and fly sprays, available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. Care should be taken with using fly sprays, especially in kitchens and around vulnerable people and the directions supplied with the product should always be followed.



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