Pile of domestic garbage in landfill

Fly-tipping incidents

Recently there have been a number of large scale fly-tipping incidents at vacant industrial sites located across the city.

These incidents, which are similar to those which have occurred in other areas across the country, are being investigated by the Environment Agency.

The city council is working closely with the Environment Agency to help identify those responsible and taking action to remove the waste from the sites.

Notices have been served on the sites’ owners requiring them to have the site cleared.

Councillor Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said; “This is fly-tipping on a highly-organised and huge scale which is causing residents considerable upset

“Sites have been sprayed to try and eliminate flies and environmental health officers are continuing to monitor the situation”

“This confirms the problems that dumping presents to the public. Please contact the council if you see any dumping in your area, ring 0151 233 3001 or email environmental.health@liverpool.gov.uk

Public health advice is that although odour and flies from waste can be unpleasant and can understandably cause concern, the risk to public health is very low.

People can avoid attracting flies to their own property by ensuring their rubbish is properly covered in wheelie bins and kitchen bins. Food should not be left uncovered. Food preparation surfaces should be kept clean and hands washed before and after using the toilet and preparing food.

Additionally environmental health advise that if flies are present in the house, these can be controlled with the use of flypapers and fly sprays, available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. Care should be taken with using fly sprays, especially in kitchens and around vulnerable people and the directions supplied with the product should always be followed.

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