Flytipper fined

A garage owner has been convicted of flytipping. 

William Larkey, aged 30, of 19 Hartwell St, Bootle is the owner of Elite Vehicle Repairs on Howe Street in Bootle.

He was caught out after officers from the City Council’s Kirkdale Neighbourhood Environment Action Team traced evidence recovered from a fly tip to his garage.

The officers discovered the fly tip on Sherwood St on the morning of 19th February 2014 and were shocked to see that there was that much material tipped that the entire road was blocked. They searched through the material and discovered part numbers of some of the car parts and traced the delivery of the parts to Elite.

Larkey was prosecuted under Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 whereby businesses have a duty of care to dispose of waste in a responsible manner. He was fined £1,000, ordered to pay costs of £1,000. In summing up, magistrates highlighted the effects of environmental crime, specifically hazardous waste.

Cabinet member for neighbourhoods, Councillor Steve Munby, said: “Fly tipping is completely unacceptable and is a blight on our city. It looks unsightly, pollutes the environment and costs council tax payers a fortune to pick up.

“Hopefully this case will send out a strong message to others that we will prosecute where we find evidence.”


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