Memories of 1914

In the footsteps of giants

There’s less than two months to go before Liverpool hosts what is set to be its biggest ever event – and it’s time to reveal where they will be visiting.

Since Memories of August 1914 was announced in January, there has been speculation about where exactly the giants will explore during their time here.

And now, the world-famous street theatre experts behind the event, Royal de Luxe, are letting us in on the secrets.

The event runs from the 23-27 July, with the main ‘walking’ action taking place during the final three days (25-27).

The action kicks off at 11am on the Friday as the Little Girl Giant and her playful canine Xolo (pronounced cho-low) wake up outside the entrance to the Queensway Tunnel and begin their exploration of the city.

Meanwhile, the Grandmother, who will have spent the previous two days asleep in the magnificent surroundings of the Great Hall in St George’s Hall, will wake from her slumber outside the Hall (opposite Lime Street) and will set off in search of the youngster and her pet.

The three giants will be reunited in Newsham Park around 8pm.

During the event the routes will take in various landmarks including William Brown Street, the Town Hall, the World Heritage Waterfront, the Chinese Arch, the Metropolitan and the Anglican Cathedrals, Newsham Park and Canning Dock.

The culmination of the three days will see the giants sail away on the River Mersey.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “Revealing the full route means everyone can get to grips with just how massive this event is – not just in terms of the scale of the planning and the production of the event itself, but it highlights that this city is ground breaking when it comes to hosting breath-taking artistic events of this scale.

“We are working with great artists who are inspired by a great city – our streets are quite literally their stage and without a doubt they are going to put on a memorable show for the hundreds and thousands of people who will be lucky enough to be part of this experience.

“The show takes in two huge open spaces – Newsham Park and Clarence Dock – and giving people the details this far in advance means that visitors can plan their days and pick which locations they want to view the giants from.

“And of course, it’s important we emphasise that all the timings given are a guide and not set in stone – after all, when these giants are awake, anything can happen!”

“Liverpool is at the heart of the story – to be able to hear the stories of our elderly community really is a privilege.  Their family memories recalling such a turning-point in world history will be both fascinating and moving for everyone involved.”

Did you know:

  • The three giants will cover a massive 30 miles in total
  • They will perform around 53hours in total
  • A 15 metre high and five metre wide corridor needs to be created for them to walk through
  • With hundreds or thousands expected to descend in the city, more than 10km of crowd control barriers will be used over the course of the three days

The full route for the giants is as follows:


Friday 25 July

Little Girl Giant and Xolo 11am – 1.30pm approx

Wake up 11.00am and leave Queensway Tunnel entrance via Old Haymarket, St John’s Lane, Queen Square Bus Station, onto Whitechapel, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Ranelagh Street, Great Charlotte Street, Elliott Street, Lime Street down to Renshaw Street, Berry Street, arrive at Chinese Arch at 1.30pm where they will have a siesta.

Grandmother 11.30am – 1.30pm approx

Wakes up at 11.30am and leaves St George’s Hall via Lime Street, onto William Brown Street to Queensway Tunnel entrance, continues down to Victoria Street, North John Street, Lord Street, Castle Street, Water Street, The Strand, arrives at Salthouse Dock at 1.30pm.

Little Girl Giant and Xolo 5pm – 8pm approx

Following a siesta, they will leave the Chinese Arch at 4pm, go up Upper Duke Street and continue onto Canning Street pass Falkner Square, onto Grove Street and then Oxford Street, Grinfield Street, Harbord Street and then turning onto Durning Road, Holt Road, Kensington, Sheil Road, onto Gardner’s Drive, arrive in Newsham Park at 8.00pm.

Grandmother 4.30pm – 7.30pm approx

Departs from Albert Dock, via The Strand onto Liver Street, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Lime Street, Great Charlotte Street, Mount Pleasant, Brownlow Hill, Minshull Street and Low Hill, Kensington, Sheil Road, onto Gardner’s Drive, arrives in Newsham Park at 7.30pm.


Saturday 26 July

Little Girl Giant and Xolo 10.00am – 1.30pm approx

Leave Newsham Park at 10.00am via Gardner’s Drive and Sheil Road, onto Kensington, Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, onto Commutation Row to William Brown Street and arrives at the Queensway Tunnel entrance at 1.30pm.

Grandmother 10.00am – 1.00pm approx

Wakes up in Newsham Park at 10.00am, leaves via Gardner’s Drive, Sheil Road, onto Kensington, Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, onto Commutation Row and William Brown Street, passes the Queensway Tunnel entrance, up Old Haymarket and St John’s Lane and arrives at St George’s Hall at 1.00pm.

Little Girl Giant and Xolo 4.30pm – 7.30pm approx

Following a siesta at the Queensway Tunnel entrance, they will wake up at 4.30pm, and leave via Old Haymarket, Victoria Street, Crosshall Street, Dale Street, Castle Street, James Street, across the Strand onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Bath Street, Waterloo Road to arrive at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm

Grandmother 4.30pm – 7.30pm approx

Leaves St George’s Hall at 4.30pm after a siesta, walks down Queen Square Bus Station, Whitechapel, Paradise Street, Liver Street, Strand Street, onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Waterloo Road, arrives at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm.


Sunday 27 July

All three giants 9am-12.30pm approx

All the giants wake up at Clarence Dock and leave at 9.00am, walk on Waterloo Road, Bath Street, New Quay and The Strand and onto Canning Dock where they will depart at 12.30pm.The Giants will sail down the River Mersey.


Please note – all the times are approximations and there may be some slight changes on the day.

Due to the scale of the event, residents and visitors are warned that there will be some disruption as a result of road closures across the three days.

Hardcopy leaflets will be available in the next couple of weeks from places such as Tourist Information Centres, train stations and visitor attractions.

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Friday 25 July Map

                                                                                                            Giants Friday 25 July Map







Saturday 26 July Map

Giants Saturday 26 July Map







Sunday 27 July Map

Giants Sunday 27 July Map

Liverpool Waterfront