Free workshop to help start businesses

A free workshop aimed at people wanting to become self-employed or start a new business are to be held in South Liverpool

They have been arranged by city councillors working with local business as a contribution to Global Entrepreneurship  Week(17- 23 November). 

To mark the occasion and to help local people meet the demands and challenges of working in a fast changing economy, local councillors from across south Liverpool are coming together with a team of business advisors and mentors from Lean Teams UK, Santander and others to host a one-day, fun and interactive, workshop on the benefits of how to start a business the right way.

On Friday 21 November, experienced business support providers and entrepreneurs are gathering at Sefton Park Community Centre to pass on their knowledge and expertise to a new generation of potential business owners.

Mossley Hill Councillor Patrick Hurley (pictured), who has worked with colleagues in Mossley Hill and Greenbank wards to arrange the workshop, said: “It’s great to see local people wanting to learn more about the nuts and bolts of working for themselves, and to find out how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that new businesses get stuck in.

“I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to offer this training day to our residents free of charge and I hope that the small amount of investment we’ve made here will pay off many times over in people making a living for themselves in new industries.

 “By working together with established practitioners and experienced business people, local councillors are showing there is more to meeting residents’ needs than merely reacting to national problems.

 “It confirms the support that local councillors across south Liverpool are giving to small businesses and potential entrepreneurs in the area, and shows that locally we recognise and understand the changes that are taking place in our economy.”

 For more information and to book a place contact Councillor Hurley on

Liverpool Waterfront