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Funding boost for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic awarded £500,000 from Paul Hamlyn Foundation to widen audiences and reach communities and groups not currently attending live music performances

· Award from Paul Hamlyn Foundation to Liverpool Philharmonic is one of five £500,000 awards to performing arts organisations across the UK

· The Paul Hamlyn Club awards aim to expand access to live performances across art forms and build relationships with communities and groups who otherwise may not attend

· These five awards reflect Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s on-going commitment to widening access to the arts and facilitating disadvantaged communities to participate in society

As part of its on-going 25th anniversary celebrations, Paul Hamlyn Foundation is giving £500,000 to Liverpool Philharmonic. The Paul Hamlyn Club award is part of £2.5 million which will be shared amongst five performing arts organisations across the UK. The award of £500,000 will be used to widen Liverpool Philharmonic’s audiences, with a particular focus on building sustainable relationships with community partners in its local areas.

Over the five years of the award, Liverpool Philharmonic will develop a model that has a long-term impact on broadening audiences and sustaining engagement, involvement and interest in music and music-making by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and its associated ensembles; the wider programme of music of all genres at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and at other venues and community settings in the city; and through an extensive learning programme that is acknowledged nationally as a leader in its field through its quality, impact and reach, of which flagship projects include In Harmony Liverpool in West Everton, Musician in Residence with Mersey Care NHS Trust and an annual schools’ concerts series reaching 23,000 children annually.

Liverpool Philharmonic will tailor its approach to meet local needs, developing a scheme that reflects the values and aspirations of the original Paul Hamlyn Club, which the Foundation funded to attract new audiences at the Royal Opera House in London.

The Paul Hamlyn Club awards are part of Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Paul Hamlyn Foundation is marking the anniversary with a series of gifts to organisations that help people realise their potential or enjoy a better quality of life.

Michael Eakin, Chief Executive at Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, said:”Liverpool Philharmonic is thrilled to be part of this bold and visionary initiative that gives us a unique opportunity to create new audiences for music and music-making . In recent years we have made significant progress in increasing our audiences, encouraging new attenders to concerts by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and our wider programme and through our learning programme with disadvantaged communities. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s generous award will help us continue our drive to develop audiences that truly reflect our city.”

Commenting on the Paul Hamlyn Club Awards, Jane Hamlyn, Chair of Paul Hamlyn Foundation, said:”The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is passionately committed to opening up opportunities and new experiences for the most disadvantaged people. Throughout the Foundation’s 25 years our commitment to this principle has been the driving force behind our work. This remains as strong as ever, and we hope that these awards will help open up access to the arts for a broader range of individuals and communities across the UK.”

Régis Cochefert, Head of Arts at Paul Hamlyn Foundation, added:”These awards will support local performing arts organisations to develop tailored and bold initiatives to strengthen relationships with local communities. We want to see more people attending shows or concerts on a regular basis, but we recognise how hard it can be for perforaming arts organisations to reach some parts of the community. We are delighted to mark our 25th anniversary with these awards and look forward to seeing the programmes take shape.”

The five organisations chosen to participate are:

· Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

· Hall for Cornwall, Truro

· Opera North, Leeds

· Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool

· Sherman Cymru, Cardiff



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