Funding for targeted support for vulnerable young people at risk of crime and violence

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Young people in Liverpool most at risk of serious violence or gang exploitation will benefit from targeted support to keep them engaged in education and attending lessons.

The new initiative, is part of a rollout of 10 ‘SAFE’ (Support, Attend, Fulfil, Exceed) taskforces, led by local schools, bringing headteachers together to support vulnerable young people, and avoid them becoming involved in county lines and criminal activity.

In Liverpool, a £3,700,650 investment will help focus on improving pupils’ attendance, reducing the likelihood of young people being permanently excluded from school, keeping young people focused on their education.

Joanne Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said: “We welcome the funding that has been committed to Liverpool for the next three years.

“Events in Liverpool last week showed us the tragedies that happen when our young people are drawn into violent crime. These tragedies not only devastate families, they devastate communities, and devastate them for many, many years.

“Our schools know their own pupils the best. Empowering them to lead the SAFE Taskforce and to commission their own services means that our vulnerable young people will have the right support put in place for them.”

Children and Families Minister, Will Quince, said: “Keeping young people engaged with their education has never been more important.

“These taskforces are helping school leaders and vital support services work together to support some of the most vulnerable young people across the country, including in Liverpool, helping to keep them on the right track and stop them missing lessons.

 “Through the work of these taskforces, combined with our ongoing SEND Review, the independent review of children’s social care, and our investment in Alternative Provision and other specialist support, this government is levelling up opportunities for all young people to help fulfil their potential and achieve better outcomes.”

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