Fusion Festival Road Closures and Resident Care

Fusion Presents and Fusion Festival are taking place in Sefton Park,
between Friday 30th August and Sunday 1st September 2019.

The Festival operating hours are between 2pm and 10:15pm on Friday 30th September and 2pm and 10pm on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September. With the event taking place, road closures will be enforced to ensure visitor and resident safety.

No stopping/waiting orders will be implemented on the following roads:
Greenbank Lane, Greenbank Drive, Mossley Hill Drive, Croxteth Drive, Croxteth Gate, Aigburth Drive, Sefton Park Drive and Sefton Drive. There will also be parking restrictions on certain sections of Windermere Terrace, Carnatic Road and Aigburth Vale.

These will be in force from 08.00am on Friday 30th August until midnight on Sunday 1st September 2019. These restrictions are supported by a temporary traffic order issued by Liverpool City Council.

The following roads will be closed from 0800 – 0000 on Friday 30th August, Saturday 31st August, and Sunday 1st September 2019:

  • Livingstone Drive North Between Aigburth Drive and Hargreaves Road
  • Livingstone Drive South Between Aigburth Drive and Normanton Avenue
  • Aigburth Drive Between Lark Lane and Ullett Road
  • Croxteth Drive Between Aigburth Drive and Croxteth Gate
  • Croxteth Gate Between Aigburth Drive and Ullett Road
  • Croxteth Drive Between Mossley Hill Drive and Greenbank Drive
  • Mossley Hill Drive Between Croxteth Gate and Ibbotsons Lane
  • Greenbank Lane Between Greenbank Road and Mossley Hill Drive

Additionally, there will be a closure on Lark Lane, at the junction with Aigburth Drive, between 2200 and midnight on each day.
To facilitate a drop off and pick up zone, Mossley Hill Drive will be one-way in a North-Westerly direction, between Greenbank Drive and Croxteth drive.

All traffic restrictions have been sanctioned by Liverpool City Council, and are supported by a temporary traffic order.

If you’re a resident and your property is on a stretch of road that has no waiting restrictions, please do not park on the street, but park on your driveway or a near car park.
If your property lies within a closed section of road, you will be allowed access to your property with a copy of this letter, and a utility bill or I.D. with proof of your address. Deliveries will be allowed through closure points, but where possible, please try and arrange deliveries for first thing in the morning, when there will be fewer festival visitors around.
Nurses, social carers, etc, will also be allowed access through the closures.

Some road closures will have marshals stationed on them. They are there to assist you, please be polite to them.
Remember, any proof of address/I. D will assist you in getting through the closures.
If you are expecting visitors over the weekend, please let the marshal at the relevant road closure know, so that they can allow access to your guests.

Fusion also will be operating a resident’s hotline, for you to call with any Festival related issues.

Resident’s Hotline: 0151 558 1760

We also understand that as well as traffic, noise can also be an issue for local residents and visitors. As well as the advertised hours, Fusion will be sound checking on the Thursday evening at approx. 8pm and again on Saturday morning at approx. 10.30am.
Whilst some noise disruption is inevitable, if you believe that the noise is severe and outside the normal licensed levels during other Sefton Park events then we are operating a noise hotline for any queries or complaints.

Noise Hotline: 01515581761

These dedicated hotlines will be operational throughout the festival, enabling our response teams to deal immediately with any issues you may encounter.

For any other general information about the Festival, please visit: www.thefusionfestival.co.uk

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