Future sporting stars encouraged to bid for funding boost

Budding Liverpool athletes are being encouraged to bid for money to help them achieve their sporting goal.

Three bursaries of up to £250 are available, targeted at youngsters aged from 9-18 who are aiming to, or have already been selected to represent the city nationally in their chosen field.

The bursaries are provided by Liverpool Sports Forum, and although the selected recipients can choose how to spend the money, it’s recommended that it should go towards travel costs and entry fees.

Anna Rowe with gold medalsIn 2013, 15 year old Anna Rowe who is part of the Liverpool Harriers Athletics Club, was successful in her bid and found the money invaluable in helping to overcome a huge barrier she faced – travel sickness. 

The St Hilda’s pupil suffers from severe travel sickness, so to make sure she is fit and rested, found it essential to travel the day before any competition.

Anna said: “Many of the competitions are quite a long way from Liverpool and start early in the day. To get to the competitions we would have to leave Liverpool very early in the morning so I would be really tired before I had to compete.

“The bursary really helped because we were able to plan ahead, and if it was a really long journey we would go the night before and stay closer to the track so I was rested and felt confident and able to compete at my best.

“I was really lucky to compete and win a gold medal for the England team this year, at the schools international combined event, the bursary has helped me to reach that target.”

The criteria for applicants are:

  • Athletes must be between 9 and 18 years old
  • All applicants must live in Liverpool
  • Any application must be supported by any National Governing Body (NGB) who can confirm levels achieved and events entered
  • Any successful recipient will not be allowed to apply for this scheme again for three years

Anyone interested in applying must send 500 words outlining performance and success to date, training details and the cost to the individual of pursuing their ambitions. Other financial support and sporting aspirations/targets for 2014 should be outlined and a reference must also be provided by a NGB representative.

All applications should be sent to martin.jones14@liverpool.gov.uk by 5pm Friday 28 February 2014. For further information call 0151 233 4414.

Anna added: “If you really love your sport and you have the commitment and determination to reach your goal you should consider applying for this bursary as it could give you that extra support that allows you to reach your target and achieve your personal best.”

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for sport, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “It’s important we do everything we can to help out the next generation of this city’s sporting stars.

“We know this isn’t a huge sum of money, but it really does make a difference, enabling youngsters to travel to, and enter, competitions, and allowing them to hone their skills and hopefully make a name for themselves in their chosen sport.

“As Liverpool is a sports-mad city, I’m sure we will receive a huge number of applications and it will be great to hear the success stories of the three lucky recipients in the next 12 months.”

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