GCSE results smash national average

GCSE results improvement confirmed by Government data

New GCSE results data released by the Government confirms improvements in attainment at schools across Liverpool.

English and maths exams taken by pupils this year were the first of the reformed more challenging GCSEs introduced by the Department for Education, and the biggest change since O levels were scrapped 30 almost 30 years ago.

The key measures are the Progress 8 score which shows the average progress across eight subjects, and the Basics Measure which shows the percentage of pupils achieving a good English and maths grade.

Verified data released today shows a total of 19 schools and academies in Liverpool improved their average Progress 8 score, while 18 achieved a higher percentage of pupils getting the Basics Measure of English and maths at Grade 4, which is broadly equivalent to the previous C ‘pass’ grade.

The percentage of pupils achieving a standard pass at Grade 4 (57.4) is higher than the percentage achieving Grade C in English and maths in 2016 (56.6).

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for education, Cllr Nick Small, said: “We have seen improvements across the board in Liverpool but we are absolutely not complacent and accept we have much more to do.

“We have good schools and good teacher doing amazing things, but we need to keep a focus on improving standards and exam results. We can’t afford to stand still and we must be ambitious, celebrate the inspiring achievements of our young people and guaranteeing the education opportunities they deserve. The focus now will be improving the number of strong passes at Grade 5, so that we are continuing to stretch pupils to achieve their potential.

“We have recently launched the Liverpool Promise with the aim of making our education system the best in the UK. We and partners in schools and business will do more to develop aspirations, link schools with businesses to prepare them for work and give them careers, with a focus on sectors where we know there will be growth in Liverpool in the future.”

The Liverpool Promise brings together schools, students, the Mayor of Liverpool and the city council, cultural organisations, businesses and others who support education to make commitments to each other and the students and families of Liverpool.

The aim is to create the best school system in the UK, where children and young people have the best start, are ready to learn, ready for school, ready for work and ready for life – and are healthy, happy and safe from harm.

It includes strengthening schools links with universities and businesses and getting children involved in five cultural events at every key stage of their school life.

Priorities include improving attendance at school and recruiting the best teachers and school staff whilst retaining the excellent staff we already have in the city through high quality professional development and training.

More information can be found at http://liverpoolpromise.org/


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