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Getting active this January

Getting more active could be the best resolution you ever make this January.

Most of us will indulge in some good food and drink over the festive season, but once the new year rolls in, it’s easy to feel the effects and resolve to do things differently; drink less perhaps, or join the gym.

The Fit For Me campaign is encouraging people to be more active at their own pace this January and has come up with some Top Tips for making a start on getting active in 2017. Trying something new or enjoying activity with friends can help find the right fit for you when it comes to doing a bit more physical activity.

The campaign’s philosophy is that it doesn’t have to be a marathon – simply adding 10 minutes more to your daily routine is enough to start to see the benefits. That may be hopping off the bus a stop early, walking the kids to school or giving in to the tune on the radio that makes your feet want to dance. As long as it gets your heart beating a bit faster and makes you breathe a bit harder, it counts.

Part of the Liverpool Active City Strategy 2014-21 and resourced in partnership by Liverpool City Council and NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, the campaign has had a huge presence in the city since its launch in July and over 100,000 people have already actively engaged or taken part.

In Liverpool alone, 63% of people are currently inactive, which means that they’re at higher risk of long terms illnesses like heart disease and dementia. But the benefits of becoming more active are more than avoiding long term conditions, or losing weight which might be the thing many strive for after the Christmas excesses.

Better sleep, improved concentration, good mental health and reduced stress – even boosted energy levels – are all within grasp by getting moving in whichever way appeals. It doesn’t take long to feel them either. It’s all about finding the right fit for you – something that you enjoy, perhaps something you can do with a friend or family member, or just something that can fit into busy lives.

Take your pick from the Top Tips below. Or find more suggestions for quick and easy ways to get more active as well as information about different kinds of activities at 

Fit For Me’s Top Tips will be promoted from Boxing Day into the New Year. Look out for the campaign on Facebook @fitformelpool.
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Why not make it your New Year Resolution to:

Walk more with friends or family
: Take advantage of Liverpool’s amazing parks by going for a walk with friends or family. It’s a great way to be more active and have a good catch up.

Take a walk every time you take the bin out: Walking up and down your street when you take the bin out is a great way to add ten minutes of activity to your routine.

Get on or off the bus one stop early: 
Adding a walk to your bus rides not only helps you to be more active, it also gives you time to clear your head.

Leave the car at home: If you’re going shopping or meeting up with friends nearby, why not try walking instead of jumping straight in the car? This could really help you to be more active and feel good in 2017.

Dance through 2017: Dancing is a great way to be more active – you could try going to a dance class or just stay at home, switch on your radio and go for it!

Walk the kids to or from school: Add some extra walking to your daily routine and set a good example to the children. Even if you have to take the car or bus, why not stop a little further away and enjoy a brief walk.

Choose the stairs instead of the lift: 
Taking the stairs is a great way to t being active into your daily routine. It’s not a big change but it can really help you have a more active life.

Try something new: Doing something you’ve not done before, like Zumba or Clubbercise, can be daunting but going with friends or family can make it easier and fun too.

Play a sport with your friends: It doesn’t matter whether it’s football, rounders or bowls, getting together for a game is a great way to be more active and have a laugh.

Add some activity
to your TV breaks
: You can fit some extra activity into your day whilst watching TV by doing some gentle squats or jogging on the spot during the breaks. Get the kids involved too!

Give it 10 minutes more:  If you’re already doing something active like swimming or walking the dog, try adding an extra 10 minutes to your activity.
Plan more active days out If you’ve got some free time don’t waste it sat at home in front of the TV, get outside and enjoy some of Liverpool’s amazing parks.


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