Got a van ? Get a permit

“Got a van? Get a Permit!” is the message coming from local recycling officers this springtime.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) is reminding people that if they want to access the region’s Household Waste Recycling Centres in a van or with a large trailer then they will need a permit.

Introduced in October 2009 the Permit Scheme was put in place to prevent traders and commercial operators from accessing the region’s Recycling Centres, which are designated for use by householders only.

Residents from over 52,000 households across Merseyside have taken advantage of the scheme since 2009.

Through March and April MRWA will be running a series of adverts in local newspapers, contacting van-hire companies with information, and handing out leaflets at all 13 of Merseyside’s Recycling Centres to remind people of the scheme.

Councillor Graham Morgan, Chairperson of MRWA, said: “Permit schemes are common around the country. We brought it in here as we had anecdotal evidence that commercial operators were using the Recycling Centres to illegally deposit trade waste. There is no perfect solution to stopping traders trying to get onto our sites, but we have found that this is the best weapon against the abusers.”

Those applying for permits will need to supply their name, address and vehicle details to help weed out commercial and trade operators. Residents using such vehicles at any Merseyside Recycling Centre should ring Tel: 0151 236 0305 or log onto before their next visit.

Carl Beer, Chief Executive of MRWA, said: “Just to be clear – householders visiting in ordinary saloon or estate cars and people carriers do not need a permit unless they have blanked out windows or permanently removed rear seats. However, pick-up trucks are classed as vans and do need permits.”


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