Governance consultation: your questions answered

A three month consultation has begun asking residents how Liverpool should be governed.

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.

You can read more about the three governance models, and take part in the survey, online at

What is being consulted on?

Residents in Liverpool are being asked their views on how the city is governed from 2023.

A letter is being sent to every household, with a secure link to an online portal, to answer the question: “How would you like Liverpool City Council to be run?”

The options are the three forms of governance that are allowed by law:

  • A Mayor who is directly elected by voters every 4 years (current system)
  • A Leader who is an elected councillor, chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors
  • One or more Committees made up of elected councillors

The consultation ends on Monday 20 June.

Who can have a say?

All Liverpool residents can respond to the consultation and their views will be taken into account when the Council makes it final decision. We would like also to hear from other stakeholders in the city such as businesses and voluntary groups.

I am an EU citizen living in Liverpool – can I take part?


I have expressed an opinion on one of the council’s social media accounts – does this count?

No – you have to use the online form, email or submit a written response to the council.

Why aren’t you holding a referendum?

A referendum on whether to change governance arrangements was ruled out by Full Council on cost grounds, a referendum would have cost £450k, compared to approximately £120k for a consultation. 

A consultation is also the only way that residents can choose between all three governance options, a referendum has to be a choice between the mayoralty and one other option.

What happens when the consultation ends?

The outcome will be reported to Full Council who will make the final decision on whether to change governance arrangements. This is expected to be in the summer.

When would any change begin?

If Full Council agrees to make a change in governance, it will take effect from the elections in May 2023 and will be binding on the council for five years.

It will still be possible to hold a referendum in this period if a petition of 5% of electors is presented to the council asking for a referendum of Liverpool electors to vote on whether to change the governance model.

I do not have internet access – how can I have a say?

Voting forms and ballot boxes have been placed in the following 18 locations:

Central Library
Allerton Library
Breck Road Library
Childwall Library
Croxteth Library
Dovecot Library
Fazakerley Library
Garston Library and One Stop Shop
Kensington Library
Kirkdale One Stop Shop
Lee Valley Library
Norris Green Library
Parklands Library and One Stop Shop
Old Swan Library
Sefton Park Library
Toxteth Library
Wavertree Library
West Derby Library

All Liverpool libraries have free computer access, with trained staff on hand to help.

You can also email or write to: Electoral Services, Liverpool City Council, Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1AH.

I do not have a permanent address – how can I have my say?

The Whitechapel Centre will allow people who are without a permanent address to use them as a temporary address, and also allow use of their computers to fill in the survey.

You can also visit the Cunard Building and complete your response in person or submit a response by email or in writing (see details above) stating that you don’t have a permanent address, or access online services at libraries.

This information will be kept strictly confidential.

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