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Graduates with transformed lives

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool is to attend a graduation ceremony with a difference.

Transforming Choice is a Liverpool-based treatment centre which delivers an innovative alcohol withdrawal detox and person centred rehabilitation programme. They are holding a graduation ceremony for  people who have successfully completed a 12 week treatment programme and ex graduates who have been sober for between one and three years.

It will take place on Tuesday 19 July.

The Lord Mayor ,Councillor Roz Gladden, said; “Transforming Choice gives those people who are the most disadvantaged in our community the chance to turn their lives around. They have been very successful in helping people with very complex needs recover and I am pleased to attend their graduation ceremony.”

Carol Hamlett the managing director and one of the founders of Transforming Choice said: “I am so looking forward to this graduation ceremony because, as well as the Lord Mayor attending, the event has been organised and will be hosted by the people who use the service.

“Although people arrive with a label of having multiple and complex needs, they do not have that label attached to them when they leave. We have some incredibly talented people coming through our door. ”

Councillor Peter Brennan added; “Transforming Choice has made a difference to many people’s lives but as well as helping individuals there are other benefits. There have been enormous savings to the NHS and social care services by taking people  off the streets  and significantly  reducing the burden on A &E Departments.”

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