The hand of Bog!

A monumental sculpture made by the young artist Bogdan Rata is being placed in front of St. George‘s Hall within Independents Liverpool Biennial 2014. The sculpture is 3,5 metres high and it is called “The Middle Way”.

Having previously exhibited at St George’s Hall as part of the last Liverpool Biennial Bogdan rata returns again with his monumental hand sculpture.

The stunning presence of the hand contrasts strikingly with the neo classical frontage of St George’s Hall

Bogdan Rata is one of the most intriguing sculptors from his generation. His new hybrid realism is finding new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism. Rata multiplies human parts (fingers, ears, and so on) and combines them into new life forms. The newborn creatures seem to result from strange experiments on human bodies in an esthetics lab.

Rata’s works forge a contextual change of the anatomic detail through its obsessive multiplication. The materials used, and the resulting industrial look, question the assault on individual personality in a climate of commercial branding uniformity.

Bogdan Rata is particularly interested that his works surprise fear, confusion, uncertainty and corporal disorder.

Bogdan sates  “I work with human fragments which I combine in order to create images with a strong emotional impact: frustration, fright, shame. I reinterpret the human body precisely in order to induce a state of confusion to the reader and to in a way force him to understand, from a different perspective, the contemporary human being. A finger can be stronger than a rifle, an ear more frustrating than an interrogation.” (Bogdan Rata)

He uses new materials as polystyrene, industrial paint, plaster, synthetic resin.

Cosmin Nasau curator for the work said “the works location, directly in front of the south end of St George’s Hall is stunning. The writing on the side of the hall, Artibus, Legibus, Concillus, (for the arts, legal, and community) also echoes the works theme for finding a middle path to follow, away from extremes. The hand is also specifically red to reflect its location in Liverpool.”

Alan Smith, St George’s Hall Manager said,St George’s Hall is once again delighted to host Bogdan Rata’s art work. The previous work Bogan showed at the hall was then selected for the Venice Biennale so hopefully the new work “The Middle Way” will have similar success.

Liverpool Waterfront