Culture Cabinet Member’s Christmas Composition

Cabinet member for Culture and Visitor Economy and massive Mariah Carey fan Cllr Harry Doyle, has penned a special Christmas poem in the style of her festive hit, All I Want for Christmas!

Titled ‘Stressed at Christmas’ it premiered on BBC Radio Merseyside’s breakfast show this morning when he read the words out live on air.

Stressed At Christmas

You’ve dealt with the traffic,
You’ve stood in the queues.
You’ve bought all your presents,
Even got yourself new shoes.

You’ve chopped and changed your plans,
No thanks to our foe omicron.
You’ve gone out to get your booster,
You’re pretty much an icon.

You’ve sourced your Christmas meat,
A fabulous turkey crown.
You’ve forgot one of your guests is vegan,
You’re trying not to frown.

There’s no need to be stressed at Christmas,
Even at its worst, it’s the best.
So bite your lip, have a sip,
Leave it til Boxing Day to get it off your chest.

You see, the real meaning of Christmas,
You don’t need a little house on a prairie.
Be good, be kind, be thankful,
Thankful for the gift given to the Virgin Mary.

So during these fabulous holidays,
Don’t let things get hairy.
Always remember my gift to you,
Here’s Mariah Carey!

Liverpool Waterfront