Harthill Judicial Review decision – Mayoral statement

Following today’s Judicial Review decision to overturn planning permission for the Harthill scheme, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson has given the following statement:

“The first thing to say is that the Harthill scheme is dead. It will not be resurrected. In any form.

“I want the campaigners and all the local residents to know I have been listening to their concerns.

“Frustratingly, because of the Judicial Review I have been unable to say anything. Well today I can and as I’ve consistently saying since day one, our role has always been to support Calder Kids and Beechley Riding Stables.

“They have been our number one priority and in the past two years we’ve given tens of thousands of pounds to assist them both – with Calder Kids to be relocated to a new home.

“Today’s decision does not change our focus and we will immediately renew discussions with the board at Beechley on how best to secure the long term future of this fantastic community facility.

“Liverpool City Council is a proud custodian of our fantastic parks and open spaces. We manage 2,605 acres every single day – that’s bigger than Delamere Forest.

“Our green agenda is of huge importance and we’ll be announcing some exciting plans shortly.”

Video: Mayor’s commitment to community facilities at Harthill:

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