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Helping hand for households across the city

Discretionary housing payments (DPH) provide essential financial help to low income and vulnerable households across the city, affected by the governments Welfare Reform programme.

By the end of January 2018 Liverpool City Council had already awarded in excess of 9,100 DHP’s to assist residents in meeting shortfalls in state benefits by providing extra help with the cost of rent, thereby preventing rent arrears, protecting the residents tenancy and reducing the risk of severe hardship and homelessness.

The government has provided £2.1M funding for Discretionary Housing Payments for 2017/2018, however Liverpool City Council has added an additional £1.2M due to increased demand for DHP.

In addition to Discretionary Housing Payments, Liverpool City Council has helped over 66,500 people with their Council Tax bills through the Council Tax Support Scheme, which is almost a third of all Council Tax payers. The City has also spent £2.8M to help families pay for basic necessities through the Citizens Support Scheme.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said,

“With an ever increasing need for help in the city as a result of the growing impact of this governments Welfare Reforms we provide more support than most other cities. In particular the reduced benefits cap, the bedroom tax and restrictions on Local Housing Allowance, mean it is more important than ever that we protect our most vulnerable residents which is why we spend around £50M a year helping the poorest in our city.”

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