“Hidden jewel” to be converted into a park

A  new park is to be created in North Liverpool at a site described as the city’s hidden jewel.

The eight acre piece of land, bordering Kirkdale Rail station consists of woodland and grassed areas with wildflowers and wildlife.

Now it is to be made into a maintained park with the provisional name of Melrose Meadows.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “I was aware that there was a piece of land next to the railway but like most people I just drove past it without really knowing what was there, as you cannot see it properly from the road.

“Simon O’Brien brought it to my attention in his green spaces review and I went there with him and was absolutely stunned at how beautiful it is

“It really is a hidden jewel, a breath-taking piece of green space in North Liverpool with a lot of potential and we want to ensure that this significant site is maintained to be used by the local community.

“We are putting some funding into it and will be working with the community and other partners to protect and develop the site.

“I would like to thank Simon for highlighting this space – his interim review talked about creating green corridors in the city and this is a great example of how we can take that idea forward.”

£50,000 has been allocated to start the work on the park. It is envisaged that the new park will have improved footpaths, entrance and signage.

Kirkdale Councillor Joe Hanson said: “It’s great news that we are getting a new park. We will be consulting with the local community on how we can best animate and make the most of it. I know some people will have concerns about anti-social behaviour so we will be ensuring that there are proper security arrangements in place.”

“This will be the second significant park we have created in the north of the city, after Alt Meadows, ” said Mayor Anderson, “and we have also created numerous smaller  spaces throughout Liverpool making it a greener city.”

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