Highlighting slavery in Liverpool

People in Liverpool are being urged to take action if they believe someone they know is a victim of modern slavery.

Anti-Slavery Day takes place on Sunday 18 October, providing an opportunity to draw attention to the issue and address the scale and scope of human trafficking.

Councillor Emily Spurrell, Mayoral lead for community safety, said: “People think slavery is a thing of the past but it is a very real issue happening today.

“Thousands of individuals are trafficked into cities like Liverpool for prostitution, domestic servitude, cannabis farms and other types of forced labour.

“We want to raise awareness of the issue so we can better identify and stop individuals trafficking in our city.”

People are being asked to look out for the following signs:

1. Limited Rights
2. Controlled by another person who often speaks for them
3. Addicted to drugs or other substances
4. Appear to have poor health
5. Live and work in the same place
6. Have no access to their identity or travel documents
7. Show signs of physical abuse
8. Appear frightened to talk to outsiders
9. Prevented from keeping cash or in debt to their employer
10. Unable to speak English

If you spot anything, please call the Trafficking Helpline – 0800 783 2589 – or for more information log on to http://www.antislaveryday.com

Liverpool Waterfront