Hillsborough trial outcome – Mayor Anderson’s reaction

Today’s outcome will be one of mixed emotions for the families, the survivors and for all of those still trying to come to terms with the disaster that unfolded at Hillsborough on April 15 1989.

Graham Mackrell, ex-Sheffield Wednesday Secretary, has been found guilty of a charge under the Health & Safety at Work Act, which I hope will provide some sense of justice and accountability.

However, the fact that the jury has been unable to reach a verdict in relation to the match commander David Duckenfield means the legal process may not be over, with the CPS already indicating it will seek a retrial.

Having already sat through the longest inquest in British legal history, for the families – and the survivors – the prospect of another trial to wait for and endure, will no doubt prove a huge strain.

Today’s development means that the campaign to secure justice for the 96 fans who died, and those who escaped with their lives, having simply gone to watch a game of football, continues.

We must all remember that the judicial authorities will now have to decide what will happen next as a result of today’s proceedings. In addition, there is due to be a separate trial later this year.

I would therefore ask everyone committed to obtaining justice for those who lost their lives to be conscious of the need not to do or say anything which might undermine that, no matter how confused and upset they might understandably be feeling at the moment.

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