Hillsborough trial reaction from Mayor Joe Anderson

A jury at Preston Crown Court has found Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield not guilty of the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans in relation to the disaster.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “Today’s outcome is a huge disappointment for the families, the survivors and for all of those still trying to come to terms with the disaster that unfolded at Hillsborough on April 15, 1989.

“In recent years they had to relive the events of that day by sitting through the longest inquest in British legal history, followed by two trials. The toll that it has taken on their health and wellbeing, in addition to losing their loved ones, is unimaginable and the whole city shares their pain.

“But despite the hurt and anger felt at this very difficult time, we must make sure that nothing is said or done that jeopardises the separate trial of the authorities which is due to take place next year. I would therefore ask everyone committed to obtaining justice for those who lost their lives to be conscious of the need not to do or say anything which might undermine that, no matter how confused and upset they might be feeling at the moment.”

Liverpool Waterfront