Acting Mayor Wendy Simon

Homeless in Liverpool to receive Covid-19 vaccine

It has been announced that Liverpool will offer Covid-19 vaccinations to those who are facing homelessness. This will not impact on the roll-out of the vaccination programme for other key groups.

Acting Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Wendy Simon said:

“I’m proud that as a city we always look to protect and support the most vulnerable in our community. Covid-19 has presented a huge challenge to us all, not least those who are on the fringe of society and are struggling with the trauma of being homeless and trying to survive on the streets.

It’s vital this group of people are offered vaccination alongside the council’s offer of accommodation, as they are in a high risk situation, and their immunity will also provide protection to those who work closely with them and the wider population.

I’d like to thank our public health partners who have facilitated this complementary programme and the nurses and GPs who will be going out to personally administer the vaccine this weekend.”

Liverpool Waterfront