“I got my BP taken for a laugh and got an immediate GP referral.”

Keith Marshall, Licensing and Regulatory Enforcement Officer for LCC

Keith Marshall, Licensing and Regulatory Enforcement Officer, was working in St George’s Hall 10 years ago, when staff were invited to have their blood pressure taken during a health initiative.

“I remember thinking I’d get mine checked for a bit of a laugh. I didn’t have any concerns whatsoever.”

Keith was feeling in tip top condition when he approached the nurses for his test.

They took my blood pressure three times before confirming that it was high, and advised me to make an appointment with my GP as soon as possible.”

Keith had no symptoms and no clue he was putting himself at risk of serious health conditions, including a stroke. His GP confirmed his high blood pressure and advised Keith that medication was required to keep it in check.

It was a bit of a wakeup call to be honest. I was grateful I had the chance to nip the problem in the bud.”

Ten years on and Keith is still on medication and doing very well. He gets called in every year for a health MOT by his GP which keeps an eye on any issues.

“I’m glad I did what I did. It’s quite frightening to think if I’d not gone up for the test that day, that my health could have taken a nasty turn in the last few years.”

“I can’t urge colleagues strongly enough to get your BP checked — whether that’s in work, at a chemist or by your doctor. It takes literally minutes and early detection is key. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, just get it done.”

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