“I’m a young carer, but that’s not all I am.”

Last year, 235 young carers in Liverpool were assessed by Barnardo’s Action With Young Carers or received support from them.

Young carers look after a parent with a long-term condition and sometimes also younger siblings.

Here, Aimee Hadwin, 18, explains what life is like for a young carer and how Barnardo’s have made a difference. This was previously published in the Liverpool ECHO on Wednesday 10 June, as part of national Carers Week.

Young carer Aimee Hadwin

Hello, I’m Aimee, and I’m 18. I live with my mum and dad in Walton and I’m going to share with you a typical day in my life as a young carer.

Mornings I do dishes, washing and cleaning; the kinds of chores that you might be familiar with, although you might be older than me. I remind my parents to take their medicine and attend their appointments and I check throughout the day that they’re OK. Lately I do this more often because if they need anything, they’ve really only got me. Calling the doctors is difficult in a pandemic, and lockdown makes shopping incredibly stressful. Caring can be lonely and isolating and that’s harder to manage because we’ve got to stay at home. I am a young carer, but that’s not all I am.

Afternoons, I’m in the Barnardo’s Young Carers Social Influencing Group, I’m on the Regional Youth Board for National Citizen Service, and I’m a Liverpool Social Care Partnership Young Advisor. In these roles I am connected and visible to people that help me to cope and grow. I make videos, posts and blogs for social media, and I find ways to help other young people to have their voices heard. It’s challenging but doesn’t volunteering help us all to lift our moods? When you’re a carer, you really do need something when you’re feeling down and stressed.

Evenings, I love spending time with my parents. I do crafts for the garden with my mum and I play games with my dad. I do art and I am someone’s daughter. Because although I am a young carer, that’s not all I am.

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Barnardo’s Action With Young Carers complete young carer assessments on behalf of Liverpool City Council. Assessments are available for any young carer aged five-25. Visit www.liverpool.gov.uk/carersassessment

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