‘In’ for the count

THOUSANDS of Liverpool residents have answered the call to action and made sure they are registered to vote in the upcoming local elections.

Over the past few weeks the council has been campaigning to raise awareness about voter registration in readiness for the elections on Thursday 3 May.

During that time more than 3,000 new electors have been added to the city’s Electoral Roll.

Nationally, people aged 18-24, those who have recently moved home and people in rented accommodation are amongst those who are least likely to register to vote.

The council’s Electoral Services team has delivered more than 300,000 polling cards to homes across Liverpool in readiness for the elections.

And this week the team has been out to inspect the official count centre at Liverpool Tennis Centre, Picton. There are 149 candidates in this year’s local elections and seats are being contested in all 30 of the city’s wards.

Local government elections select councillors, who are responsible for making decisions about the services the city council provides. These include housing, education, transport, planning, parks, public safety, social care and waste management.

If you haven’t already registered to vote at your current address, there is still time. The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 17 April.

Liverpool City Council’s Returning Officer Jeanette McLoughlin, said: “We’re delighted that so many people have taken action and registered to vote.

“If you are already registered then you should have received your poll card by now and you do not need to do anything further. If you have registered in the past few weeks then you poll card will be sent out in the near future.  If you still haven’t registered then you have until midnight on 17 April.”

“Registering to vote takes just a few minutes to do online and gives you the chance to have your say on the issues that affect us all locally.”

You can register to vote online at: gov.uk/register-to-vote

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