Independent report outlines benefits of regenerated Walton Hall Park

Liverpool City Council has today released an independent study which outlines the potential benefits of a regenerated Walton Hall Park which would include a new stadium for Everton FC. 

The outline feasibility report by Volterra Partners has found that the scheme has the potential to unlock regeneration opportunities and develop long term step changes in the area.

The authors found that it could create up to 1,250 permanent jobs, 1,000 new homes and 30,000 square metres of leisure, retail and restaurant space.

It envisages re-providing all of the facilities that are currently available, including the Lifestyles Leisure Centre, Liverpool Soccer Centre, children’s play area and sports pitches.

It is estimated that a 50,000 seater stadium and associated development would take 40 – 50 percent of the 130 acre park, but that the remaining green space would be upgraded, offering better quality facilities and links with neighbouring housing.

THE FULL REPORT CAN BE VIEWED HERE: VolterraRegenerationReport

The regeneration scheme could also accommodate university facilities linked to sports, a school and a larger primary health practice.


Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said: “Today we have published an outline feasibility report which looks into the extent of the impact of the Walton Hall Park regeneration project.

“This report, which is wholly independent, is in no way a plan or an agreement, but is an investigation only into the potential of a project of this scale. The figures used within it are looking at the maximum possibilities.

“It looks at statistics such as crime, education and unemployment figures and analyses the difference and benefits that a regeneration project could make to the area.

“I can state that, at this time, no plans have been presented to us by Everton FC, but clearly it would be irresponsible of us to allow anyone to come to us with any proposal, for anywhere in the city without us first taking a full and in-depth look at the situation.

“During all the discussions and public consultation events we have been open and transparent about the process that we are undertaking and so we have a responsibility to share this report and its findings with the public.

“We are listening to residents and we will continue to do so throughout the whole process. We have a designated team who will answer any questions and we will continue to keep you involved every step of the way.”

The Council and the Club are working with public, private and voluntary sector partners, including Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) and Everton in the Community, to explore and understand community needs and then develop and ultimately deliver a new, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood for North Liverpool.

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