Internal fire damage to Waterfront car park revealed

Pictures and a video have been released showing for the first time the aftermath of the fire at Liverpool’s Waterfront Car Park.

The New Year’s Eve blaze lasted almost 12 hours and took more than 20 fire crews to bring under control.

Unprecedented in its nature, the fire spread throughout the multi-storey car park, which sits within the ACC Liverpool complex, causing extensive damage that the insurance industry estimates will result in claims worth more than £20m.

Liverpool City Council is awaiting the results of a structural survey of the building which has proved problematic in compiling due to the hazardous state of the floors.

Footage has recently been taken showing the issues facing the engineers and, having been cleared of data protection issues, can today be shown for the first time:

Mayor Anderson, who recently issued a letter to vehicle owners providing the latest information, said: “The damage to these cars has been devastating and we know the impact on the owners has been immeasurable as well..

“Structural engineers are investigating the damage to the fabric of the building. This video and the pictures (below) show that the site remains unsafe and we are still unable to remove cars or allow anyone access.

“We will continue to reach out to those affected by the fire, to keep them updated on what is happening and where we can help or provide assistance we will.”

Vehicle owners affected by the car park fire can fill in a form to be kept up to date with information form Liverpool City Council.


Pictures showing damage to the Liverpool Waterfront Car Park:


1) Damage to the roof – Cars on the very top currently look relatively undamaged, but are unable to be removed due to the destruction of the exit ramp and the instability of the building.









2) The New Year’s Eve Fire did not just incinerate cars, it also melted the concrete of the structure.









3) Such was the ferocity of the fire that the steel was compromised and floors have now become unstable and unable to hold the weight of vehicles.










4) From the front and back this car might look relatively intact but this shows the damage caused by burning fuel from the floor above.




Liverpool Waterfront