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Join in and feel good with fit for me

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and Liverpool City Council have joined together to launch the brand new Fit for Me campaign in the city.

More than just another public health campaign, Fit for Me is a social movement which aims to inspire and get everyone more active in Liverpool. That can mean doing as little as ten minutes more activity, getting off the bus a stop earlier or simply taking the stairs instead of the lift.

These little things can make a massive difference to your overall health and wellbeing. Being active is good for you and can improve your everyday life. Even small changes can give you more energy, make you feel less tired and stressed, lift your mood, help you to sleep better and boost your confidence – as well as helping to protect you from serious illnesses such as heart disease and dementia.

Fit for Me is for everyone – it doesn’t matter what shape, size or age you are, whether you’ve been active in the past or if you’re an absolute beginner. However fit, or unfit, you may be, being active is something that can help us all feel good.

Fit for Me publicity poster
Fit for Me publicity poster

Dr Maurice Smith, a GP at Mather Avenue surgery in Allerton and Healthy Liverpool’s ‘Living Well’ clinical lead said: “Being active can be whatever you want it to be. It can mean simple things like walking more or finding active ways to spend the weekend with the kids. As long as it gets your heart beating a bit faster and makes you breathe a bit harder, it counts.”

Dr Sandra Davies, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health added, “63% of adults in Liverpool are currently inactive[1], Fit for Me aims to change this: “The campaign features local people from across the city sharing their real stories about how they have become active and how this has improved their lives. We asked the people of Liverpool to get in touch with us to tell us how they keep physically active and why it is so important to them. And oh, didn’t they get in touch! We were overwhelmed with responses from people whose lives have been transformed by adding a little bit of activity into their daily routine. We chose 11 of these inspirational people to help launch the first phase of our new campaign.”

Dr Smith continued: “The campaign has been developed with a huge amount of insight work with the most important people, the people of Liverpool. There will be wide range of activities available across the city to help encourage small steps to getting fitter.
“We’ve also put together a short quiz to help you understand what being active means, how it can help you and give you some personalised advice on how to get started.”

Join in with free local activities, special offers and motivational support at, like our page on Facebook, follow us on twitter @FitforMeLpool  or access the Fit for Me quiz at


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