City centre snow scene

Keep warm and stay safe in wintry weather

There is wintry weather in Liverpool. 

Liverpool City Council is working to minimise disruption to services and keep residents informed of any changes.

We will publicise details of any changes to services on this website, on our Twitter feed at and via the local media.

Please adopt a common sense approach when travelling to work and consider other means of travel where appropriate, check websites before you set off and listen to local radio.

Public transport

For regular updates on traffic incidents, and details of changes to bus and train services, please check:

General travel advice
Gritters are out regularly when the forecast is for ice and snow. For details of the 200 miles of roads that we treat, or to find your nearest community grit bin, please log on to

Bin collections

Bin collections were suspended on Thursday 8 March – if your waste is due to be collected please leave your bin out and it will be emptied by Saturday lunchtime. Friday collections will go ahead as scheduled.

School closures

Details of any school closures we are notified of will be posted below, but please note that we cannot guarantee the list is exhaustive. So please check your school’s website or Twitter feed for information as well.

Take care of yourself – and your neighbours
Public Health Liverpool is reminding residents to take extra care and to check on their neighbours.

Illnesses related to cold weather cost the NHS £1.3bn every year, and are responsible for more than 27,000 deaths in the UK each winter, according to research from Age UK, so it’s more important than ever to look after yourself and vulnerable neighbours during a cold snap.

There are simple precautions that people can take to protect themselves:

Guide to preventing falls

Avoid exposing yourself to cold or icy outdoor conditions if you are at a higher risk of cold-related illness or falls. If you have to go out, make sure you dress warmly and wear non-slip shoes. Wear several layers of loose-fitting clothes to trap body heat. Don’t forget gloves and a hat.

• Make sure to keep your home warm. The main living room should be kept at least at 18°C during the day. This is really important for rooms where disabled or vulnerable people spend most of their time. Bedrooms should be kept at 18°C at night.

• Keep active to stay warm. Try to move around at least once every hour as moving generates extra body heat and is also good for your health. Dress warmly, eat warm food and take warm drinks regularly

• Keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours to ensure they have warm food and drinks and are managing to heat their home adequately.

• Stay tuned to the weather forecast so that you are not caught out.

• Flu is more common in the cold weather also. Make sure you are protected against flu if you are in at –risk group. A free flu jab is available from your GP for all pregnant women, for people of any age with underlying health conditions even if you feel healthy, as well people aged 65 or over. All children aged 2, 3 and 4 years old are offered a simple quick flu nasal spray through the GP to protect them against flu and help to reduce its spread to those around them.

For more information please log on to

Rough sleepers
Liverpool has a severe weather shelter for people sleeping rough in the city centre this winter, Labre House on Camden Street, which is open every single night and does not turn anyone away.

Liverpool City Council also aims to ensure those sleeping on the streets receive support. By ringing 0300 123 2041 or emailing, outreach workers will provide a rapid response to get rough sleepers indoors. More information is available at

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