Keeping vulnerable women warm

A new project to help keep vulnerable women warm this winter has been launched.

The Keep Warm Collective Liverpool, is a new project devised by Liverpool city councillor Stephanie Till, to arrange a mass collection of coat and warm clothes to be distributed during the cold weather.

Councillor Till was inspired by  fellow councillors Brian and Adele Dowling and their granddaughter, who collect old coats from friends and family and donate them to the homeless.

Across the city, for one week from the 23rd of November, there will be various drop off points where donations can be left which will  then be collected and distributed to local charities.

Stephanie said: “The campaign has come about so not only can they keep warm this winter but we can show them that even though they’re sleeping rough or in a vulnerable situation they can still feel like a woman and have clothes that fit, to help with their self esteem and also to show them you know that the other women in this city care about them.”

Some of the items will also be distributed to organisations working with women who aren’t homeless but still vulnerable and in need of warm clothing.

Cllr Till added: “Unfortunately some of the women of our city have had to resort to using the city’s food banks this year, these are women who will put themselves last behind the needs of their family and will often go cold due to increasing energy prices and fuel poverty and being without the finances to purchase themselves adequate warm clothing.”

The Keep Warm Collective Liverpool are looking for businesses to become drop off points and also anyone who wishes to donate or help in any other way they can.

Email, visit the website here or call 07898 679681. 

You can also follow on Twitter @liverpool_kwc


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