Leaving Liverpool tidy

Liverpool Guild of Students has joined forces with Liverpool Students’ Union, the City Council, Councillors and the local communities within Liverpool to launch this year’s Leave Liverpool Tidy (LLT) initiative.

The LLT scheme aims to get students donating unwanted items when they move house over the summer. Last years’ charity drive bagged over four tonnes of unwanted items – from clothing to kitchen equipment.

Students across the city will be given donation bags which they can fill with unwanted items before moving house or back home. Over the next month 10,000 biodegradable donation bags will be distributed – including to 4394 students in Halls of Residence, 1,500 homes in the Smithdown area and in the Kensington Fields area.

Emma Sims, Vice President at Liverpool Guild of Students, said: “Leave Liverpool Tidy is a really important project that’s now in its fifth year. It’s a great way for us to redistribute loads of much needed items that otherwise people might throw away. So if you’re moving house this summer and have extra kitchen items or clothing you don’t need anymore – please donate and make a difference!”
Aisling Davis, Vice President Community Engagement at LiverpoolSU, said: “It’s so easy to get rid of your unwanted items and Leave Liverpool Tidy ensures that these items can easily be reused by others. Here at LiverpoolSU we’re passionate about our community relations work and with the support of our Community Reps, we’re hoping to make this year’s Leave Liverpool Tidy bigger and better than ever.”

The scheme also has the support of Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins ,Chair of the City Council’s Neighbourhoods Select Committee  who said: “I’m delighted the Guild and LiverpoolSU are working with students in our local communities this year. Encouraging students to bring their unwanted household goods and clothing to various collection points so they can be re-used helps prevent waste and means other students and communities can benefit from these items. It’s good that the SUs are working closely with the council and residents on this.”

There are donation points at each Halls of Residence, in the Guild and at LiverpoolSU sites across the LJMU campus. All donated clothes are distributed to a number of charities via Merseyside Textile Forum. The other items are dispensed at a free shop aimed at international students who might not have brought over everyday household items.

There will also be a Day of Action held on Saturday 4 June – at both Garmoyle Road Community Garden (junction of Garmoyle Road and Barrington Road) and at the Frontline Church (Lawrence Road) where students in the Smithdown area can donate their unwanted items. Additionally there will be a collection point at the Kensington Fields Community Centre week commencing Monday 23 May. All of these donated items will be given back to those in the community most in need.

Maggy Read from the Dales Resident Group, said: “We’re pleased that Leave Liverpool Tidy is happening again this year. Our area looks much cleaner and it is very good to know that the unwanted items which in the past were left littering our roads are again going to people who can use them.”

The following items can be donated: clothing, clean bedding, clean and dry towels, toys, non-perishable foods, unopened toiletries, furniture, CDs and DVDs, books and kitchen equipment.

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