More LED street lights for city

THOUSANDS more LED street lights are to be installed throughout Liverpool, producing significant savings.

The city council agreed to a phased replacement of thousands of the city’s street lights with LED lighting in 2014 at a total cost of £7m.
In the first phase 12,000 LED lights have been installed in over 1800 streets with120 concrete column replaced. This has produced energy savings of £585,000 to date  and carbon savings of about 1500 tonnes,

Now the cabinet is being asked to approve a second phase of the programme which will see 9,380 street lights replaced with LED lighting at a cost of £4m.

This will reduce the energy consumption for these lights by 82%, cutting the council’s energy bill by about £260,000 a year.  There will also be a reduction in carbon of about 1300 tonnes, bringing a saving of £21,000 and there will be maintenance savings of approximately £47,000 a year.

At its meeting on 22 July the cabinet will be asked to approve a procurement exercise to appoint a contractor for this phase of the programme.

Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, cabinet member for regeneration and transport said; ” “This programme has been a great success. We are replacing out of date environmentally-unfriendly street lights with modern, efficient and energy saving ones.

“It is part of our invest to save strategy –the investment we are making in new street lighting will be more than offset by the subsequent savings in our energy bills and maintenance costs.

“And, of course, there are significant environmental benefits – these lights mean we will be a greener city with a lower carbon footprint.”

Liverpool Waterfront