Leisure centre closures update

Liverpool City Council is investing in two of Liverpool’s Lifestyles Fitness Centres to address urgent maintenance issues.

The swimming pool at Austin Rawlinson Lifestyles Fitness Centre in Speke closed earlier this month for essential work, but since then further surveys have identified pipework that needs to be renewed. This is in addition to work to replace the main electrical circuit board, repairs to the pool’s pumps as well as other plant items. It means the entire centre, including the fitness suite, will be closed from Monday 24 June until the end of September.

Meanwhile, work is continuing in the swimming pool at Liverpool Aquatics Centre in Wavertree following an incident in April in which glass shards fell from a light fitting into the pool and the area around it. It has had to be drained of one million litres of water, and a subsequent inspection discovered that some floor tiles will need to be replaced, as well as the light fittings above. It is expected to reopen in late autumn.

Centre users are being directed to classes elsewhere where possible, and staff from both facilities are being redeployed to other buildings while the work is underway.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for leisure, Cllr Wendy Simon, said: “We completely understand that the closures are really frustrating for the people who love using those facilities, but we wouldn’t be carrying out this work unless it was absolutely necessary.

“We know they are well-used and highly regarded by the local community, and we are committed to getting this essential work carried out as quickly as possible to keep the period of time they are shut for to an absolute minimum.

“We will keep people informed of progress and if there is any change or delay we will let them know.”

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