Light work in Anfield

New LED lighting is to be installed in streets in parts of Anfield as part of the on-going £260m regeneration programme for the area.

The LED implantation and energy saving programme will replace some of Anfield’s oldest street lights and columns and is the start  of a £4m street works and  environmental programme within Anfield Village.
The city council is responsible for maintaining around 57,000 street lights, signs and bollards across the city, costing around £2.6m every year.  LED lighting is greener and more efficient, saving 80% of the energy previously used by the old style lights.

There will be three phases to the project starting with Phase 1 in early February with the replacement of lanterns in:
•         Back Rockfield Road (part)
•         Balfour Street
•         Burnand Street
•         Coningsby Road
•         Gorst Street
•         Gurnall Street
•         Hayfield Street
•         Randolph Street
•         Rockfield Road
•         Sybil Road
•         Tancred Road
The columns will be repaired and painted in the summer. Phase 2 will see both the replacement of lanterns and columns in:
•         Anfield Road (from Sleepers Hill to Alroy Road)
•         Attwood Street
•         Norgate Street
•         Saker Street
•         Sleepers Hill (nos 16 -56)
Phase 3 completes the programme with the replacement of lanterns and columns in:
•         Back Rockfield Road
•         Blessington Road
•         Pulford Street
•         Sleepers Hill (nos 2 -14 )
•         Walton Breck Road (nos 73 – 155 & 185-210)
The programme is being delivered by Amey which provides highways and street lighting services to Liverpool City Council.
Improvements to the remainder of Anfield and Walton Breck Roads, as well as Alroy Road, come under Liverpool FC’s main stand expansion project.
Works will be carried out using ‘cherry pickers’ and vehicle access may be restricted for a short time while existing lighting is being replaced. Work on each road should be completed within two days and the new lights will be lit on the day of installation.

Councillor Ann O’Byrne, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, said: “This is another important milestone in the regeneration of the area and will help improve the Anfield environment. The upkeep and maintenance of the old style lighting is a huge drain on public resources. Not only does LED lighting improve visibility and make the streets feel safer, it’s greener and more efficient, allowing us to invest the savings elsewhere.”

The £260m regeneration of Anfield is being orchestrated by Liverpool City Council in partnership Your Housing Group and Liverpool Football Club.

It includes the redevelopment of Liverpool FC’s main stand, new and refurbished housing, improved shopping facilities and public spaces, office buildings, a hotel and the creation of a major new pedestrian-friendly avenue and public square.


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