Liverpool Children’s Centres in the spotlight

Liverpool’s Children’s Centres bring together a range of free services for children for birth to the age of five and their families and the city has 17 Children’s Centre operating out of 24 different location right across the city.

Services vary at each centre according to local community needs but all centres provide childcare, family support and a range of parent and toddler activities.

Anyone who cares for or is expecting a child can register to use the centres here.

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment & Skills, Cllr Nick Small, said: “I’m currently visiting all of our Children’s Centres and have been bowled over with the impact they are making of children’s life chances in our city.

“Children’s Centre help children develop and learn, they are crucial to helping young children become ready for school and to child health and well-being and they support families. I hope that we can build on that work in partnership with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and our family of schools.

“I’m really proud of the impact that our Children’s Centres are having in every community right across our city and want to thank the staff at our Children’s Centres for the fantastic work they do in often really difficult circumstances.”


Last year, 20,474 children accessed Liverpool’s Children’s Centres – 78.4% of the city’s under-5s – while 24,585 mums, dads, grandparents and carers accessed our Children’s Centre services.

In total last year the total number of times children accessed Children’s Centre services was 336,357 and the total number of attendances by adults last year was 189,943. That’s over half a million total visits by children and families.

Children’s Centres play a major part in helping our children get the best start in life, especially children living in some of the poorest parts of the city. Last year 59.6% of children accessing Liverpool’s Children’s Centre services lived in the 10% most deprived communities in the country.

Liverpool’s Children’s Centres also support looked after children in the city. 65.2% of Liverpool’s looked after children living in the city under-5 are registered with our Children’s Centres and 53% have accessed services and support at one of our Children’s Centres. Liverpool’s Children’s Centres also play a big role in delivering early help to families keeping children out of care.

Photo: Cllr Nick Small with the team at Everton Family Centre

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